10 Cool-Girl Coats You Will want to Buy Right Now

Fashion week is upon us and with it, so many of the coolest girls make their biannual debut.

What makes a girl cool you might ask? Probably her amazing cat eyeliner skills, or the fact that she always arrives in style to any party. In any case, the cool girl is a vibe. And during winter, a cool girl has…well… a cool coat! There are so many different variations of what a cool girl might be, but one thing she always seems to be, is effortless.

For a while, we [American women] were obsessed with the Parisian cool-girl. Some of us are still kind of obsessed with the idea of the chic Parisian *cough cough* me.¬†She seems to have it all figured out in terms of beauty, and seemingly looks good in everything. But who is to say we can’t all be cool-girls? Here are my top ten choices for instant cool-girl!



February 8, 2018


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