10 Signs You’re a Fashion Girl

  1. Your fridge is full of nail polish, makeup wipes, sheet masks, and even a toner?! It might be because you read in Allure a few years ago that nail polish lasts longer if in the fridge, or it might be because you live in a tiny NYC apartment and you need the storage.
  2. Even if you work specifically in fashion, you absorb beauty and wellness information like a sponge. You are in the frontlines at spin class, and you are armed and ready with a hydrating mist after class. You own more serums than a derm, and you have definitely had a turmeric infused tea, or latte in the past two weeks.
  3. Everything is an event to get dressed up for. You hardly think of it as dressing up anymore because it’s just normal! You love the art of getting dressed and getting made up.

    Sex and the City of course.

  4. When you first make friends with another fashion girl, somewhere in the very first conversation, someone asks you what your [astrology] sign is and you know exactly what it is (and what your rising sign is). OR Every girl knows exactly which character from Sex and the City they are (I’m Charlotte).
  5. Your guilty pleasures include Diet Prada’s Instagram account, and sharing memes about the Met Gala. Hashtag #callitout is my personal favourite.
  6. At home, whether you live in an apartment or house, you’ve totally run out of closet space. Shoes are in the hallway, bangles are hanging on the towel rack in the bathroom. There might be a few handbags in every single room. You’ve made peace with it, other’s might call it ‘overwhelming’.
  7. Everything is a photo-op: dinner with the girls, going out to buy a pair of shoes, that pop up mural on your way to barre class. And not only is it a photo-op, it’s a photo-shoot. And we will get down on the floor until we get the shot. Even better? If you’re alone at an event, you don’t have to best friends with another fashion girl to ask her to get the shot. Don’t worry, she’ll get it.
  8. When you even hint at the idea that you could be “downsizing” or getting rid of a few things, word spreads like wildfire and your friends will text you and remind you that you are the in fact the same size.
  9. Facial mapping, patterned designer tights, charcoal drinks. You’re a walking encyclopedia of fashion, beauty, and wellness tips. Hey, it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.
  10. You live and breathe fashion, it’s everything to you. And you can’t imagine working in a better industry. <3


dietprada.com A fashion anonymous site that calls it all out. Guilty pleasure..

Featured image photo credit: Charles Jordan

June 25, 2018


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