4 NYC Designers You Should Be Following

Few things captivate my attention like a New York City designer. I’ll give you my reasoning…these designers tend to be inspired by New York and the craziness that ensues regularly, they have larger than life personas and habits, and they love their city fiercely. The four designers listed below aren’t just incredible designers, they make items that help you feel just as special as they look. Their work is refreshing, uplifting, and in my *professional opinion* worth every single penny.

Ahh and how “suite” it really is. The whimsical line by NY native Jennifer Diederich is ladylike, and fun. She was also on season 5 of Bravo’s Project Runway. After spending 16 years in Florence, Italy, Diedreich returned to New York to thrill us once again with her incredibly fun designs. After being featured in places like Matchbook, it’s not surprising in the least to see that her following continues to grow rapidly. Not only does Diedreich cultivate a decadent modern version of many vintage styles, but the price-point for her handmade made to measure coats– truly can’t be beat. Shop Suite here!

Julie Mollo
Whimsy, color, and retro fashion combine effortlessly in Julie Mollo clutches. Mollo has an eye for making things feel extra special, which happens to include a lot of glitter. A Pratt alumn, she’s worked with everyone from Katy Perry to Macy’s. My favorite thing about Mollo’s clutches is no matter where you go, or who you see- if you see a Julie Mollo clutch, you know for a fact that it is her work. I was delighted to attend the grand opening of Macy’s new colorful shopping activation Story– and of course saw a Julie Mollo clutch. Mollo has been sourcing her textiles in the garment district in Manhattan for over a decade, and in doing so supporting local businesses and helping keep NY design alive. Even better? You can get yourself one personalized with anything from a pizza, to your whole name! The one pictured above? Oh yeah, it’s Gwen Stefani’s personalized Mollo clutch. Get your hands on one of her incredible clutches here.

Pretty Connected
Lara Eurdolian is an OG NYC blogger and she knows a thing or two about NYC fashion and beauty. After working for years for some of the biggest names in fashion and beauty it was no surprise when Eurdolian released her very own accessories line named of course- Pretty Connected. Aside from her blog, consulting work, and being an on air host, she also runs her own beauty charity with LesportSac! A champion for the sustainability movement, her products all have a multifunctional purpose and best of all- cost under $30! My favorite thing about Pretty Connected (both the girl behind the brand AND the brand) is the major cool girl vibes that you get instantly. The camera strap can be worn as a necklace, belt strap, bag strap, and (my personal fav) a water bottle strap. Shop the camera strap here!

Completely out of the blue, one day last year- a little feathered coat appeared on my explore page on Instagram, and ever since then I’ve been hooked into Dauphinette. Dubbed perfectly as the “happiest outwear on Earth” I really can’t disagree. Her use of feathers, color, and overall statement making pieces are gorgeous. While I have yet to place one of her gorgeous coats in my collection, I suspect the day is nearing closer…I also really appreciate Dauphinette’s stance on fur and leather which you can read (and then shop) here.

Featured Image: Jane Lilly Warren ( @jane_lilly) for Suite by Jennifer Diederich

May 27, 2019


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