At Long Last I Figured Out How to Apply Falsies

Ladies and gentleman, at long last, after 27 years on God’s green Earth… I have finally secured the secret to applying false eyelashes. If you’ve been following along for a while, then you know my struggle with eye makeup, and my love for one type of magnet lash that requires no glue. But for years I have been trying to apply traditional false eyelashes (the kind you have to use glue with) to absolutely no avail.

Every other month or so since I was 16 years old, I have attempted to apply a set of lashes on myself. All with the same results, they just didn’t work. They didn’t stick right, they didn’t stay put, they slid all over the place, or they refused to meet the rest of my lashes. When I say that this has been going on for ten years, I mean it’s really been a whole ten years of running late for plans, tears over smudged black winged liner, and just straight up frustration over dozens of wasted lashes.

The secret you’re wondering? A much longer dry time. Every person (and brand package) I’ve ever met and read has told me to give lashes 30 seconds to dry after applying glue. And in the past I’ve waited 30 seconds to a minute before attempting to apply eyelashes. BUT, my repeated application success has come after waiting 3-5 whole minutes. Why? I think because the lashes are finally “tacky” enough to adhere properly. Waiting 30 seconds just wasn’t doing it for me. Another things that finally aided in success? Translucent Duo glue. I understand that most people prefer the black, but if you’re like me and you might need a little more than one perfect adjustment, the translucent won’t be noticeable if you need to shift them around.

I wasn’t expecting the answer to my lifelong eye-makeup dilemma to be so simple, but I’m so thrilled that it’s opened up a whole world of fun additions to play with. Whenever I wanted a full lash look, I would have to book Glamsquad to come to the rescue and place individuals on me, which takes forever! While I’m still a huge Glamsquad girl, I’m really thankful I can finally do this part all on my own. Stay tuned on posts about my favorite falsies to try!

Please try these out and let me know how they work for you! X Belle

January 7, 2020


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