Easiest (AND CHEAPEST) DIY Tie-Dye Ever

Every season fashion gives us with a blast from the past, so when tie-dye exploded on the scene this year it was pleasant surprise. The amount of nostalgia and joy that looking at tie-dye two piece sets brings is totally undeniable. Tie-dye kits during quarantine have been pretty hard to come by. On a trip to Target, I scoped out the “diy” and crafts section to find completely empty shelves. With time on my hands, and a sweatshirt that still has a ton of sentimental value, I went for the bleach bottle and I’m super happy with the results! Best of all, it cost me $0! Let me know how it goes if you try it.

Here’s what you need:
Rubber Bands
Tongs or gloves
Clean basin or sink (lined with a garbage bag or plastic shopping bag if afraid of staining)
That’s it!

  1. First, grab the middle of the item you’re bleaching and “sprial it” turning it until it forms a ball. If you have trouble doing this with your hands, use a fork or pencil.
  2. Secure rubber bands all over so that the fabric stays in place.
  3. Apply a mixture of 1:1 bleach and water liberally. Depending on how much fabric you need, but otherwise “wet” entirely. You can use a spray bottle but I just poured slowly from a cup.
  4. Let it sit! If you’re bleaching a light colored item, check in on it every 5 minutes. I dyed a light pink sweatshirt and it only needed 5 minutes since it was a pastel. Very dark colors will need hours. Check in every once and while to see if you like the color you’re reaching.
  5. Rinse well under hot water, hand dry, and then cycle wash ( would JUST wash the item you bleached. Don’t mix anything else in the washer with something that might still have bleach!!)

    Take it to the ‘gram. That’s it!

May 19, 2020


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