How I created my dream beauty vanity

I love getting ready, it’s probably one of the biggest joys working in the fashion industry. We’re always getting ready, primped, and dressed for something. Creating a beautiful space in order to feel beautiful however? Such. A. Challenge. I, like most other busy women in the world, cram myself into the bathroom hoping to pop on mascara before scrambling to get on the train downtown. I realized recently how crazy that is, seeing as though I have a gorgeous vintage vanity just begging to be used in the corner of my bedroom!

Here she is in all her glory!


I’m someone who really appreciates when a space is beautiful when getting ready, it helps put you in the right mindset that translates into feeling pretty. Of course, that’s an insanely hard thing to find in life, but especially in New York City, where I have been known to apply a red lip before a meal. Hey, a cab isn’t the safest place to apply a matte red lip!

Who knew candle votives could be the world’s chicest brush holder?

Here’s exactly how I turned this $100 vanity into a dreamy space to get ready!

  1. I thrifted: That’s right, you read that correctly. I bought a used piece of furniture that had no color on it, and badly needed a paint job and new handles…into this! Thrift stores an incredible place to buy furniture like this piece. If you don’t like something about a piece, ask yourself if it can be taken apart, and redone!
  2. I found the light: look for a bright, happy spot in your home. Preferably near a window
  3. Use what you have: The way I displayed my favorite products? A vintage cake stand! I’m honestly surprised I don’t see this more often but a vintage cake stand is a gorgeous way to display a huge assortment of your products and even save space if you use multifunctional storage containers on the stand! Use it to display your favorite perfumes, your usual skincare, etc! I also used the candle votives from my wedding day (ahhh memories) to hold all of my beloved brushes!!
  4. Customize: The handles on the original vanity were truly falling apart, they were rusting pretty badly so I replaced them with these from H&M! They were so easy to put on, all I did was screw them in by hand!
  5. Vamp it up!: I wasn’t using my vanity for a few months because I didn’t love the color and assumed it would be pricey to give it a new coat. Turns out, it cost a whooping $13 to paint the whole thing. That’s so cheap!!! If I had known how cheap and easy it was, I would have done it right away!
  6. Make it personal: A few fresh flowers, photos, and little momentos are a striking remind of what makes life special, I keep my jewelry box next to me on my vanity. It was a gift from my husband when we went on our honeymoon to Thailand and I smile every single time I see it.

A very special thank you to my good friends with Ulta Beauty for keeping my vanity all stocked up! My favorite products on hand you can find at Ulta Beauty and include the above pictured NARS Cheek Palette – Three iconic NARS blushes in one palette. Limited-edition for holiday with beautiful packaging in the most gorgeous casing, $45.00!!

My absolute favorite brush set at the moment Real Techniques – You Glow Kit – 15-piece brush set with two sponges, $49.99, launching 10/21 anything with glitter is of a course a win for me but these brushes apply so flawlessly!! It’s a must for your own personal vanity.

The warmest and coziest perfume of the season is Philosophy Fresh Cream Warm Cashmere – Inspired by the most-loved Fresh Cream scent and available exclusively at Ulta Beauty, $40.00. I love to layer scents, and this one layers perfectly over a coconut body creme.





October 18, 2018


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