How I went from Zero Skincare to a full routine

For the longest time I’ve had a “teenager’s” attitude about skincare. I thought it was boring and annoying to have to slap creams on my face everyday. A lot of women in my life treated skincare like a punishment that just came along with aging and being a woman. Ever heard of the phrase “beauty is pain”? Well, that’s exactly how I viewed skincare. A pain in the butt. Prior to being introduced back into skincare by my close friends, many of the products I had were final sale items that I picked up randomly or just happened to smell good enough for me to be deeply invested in buying. (Absolutely terrible, I know)  Since really getting into skincare, I’ve seen a definite improvement in my skin texture, and even my hormonal acne. Here are some of the products that I’ve been very attached to. I finally realized that I was tired of having dull skin, and started asking my friends for help, and course they had more than good advice. After endless hours at beauty counters, and in friend’s beauty cabinets- here’s what I found I love!

L’Occitane Micclear Water $24: the tiny oil molecules pick up every single trace of makeup, and gently! I’ve been using this miccl water in lieu of makeup remover wipes. I love makeup wipes but they can go fast and can get costly! Miccelear water removes all the makeup and resulting residue off your face with tiny oil molecules and it comes off with ease. Even eye makeup!! No more scrubbing!

Glow Recipe Prem: The texture on this not-so-basic moisturizer is to die for. You’ll adore the softness and subtly floral smell. Acts amazing underneath makeup as a primer too!


Like anyting in life, if you put in time, you’ll get results. Now I look forward to my skincare routine. It signals me to wind down from the day and puts me at ease. Double cleansing is wiping away the day, and mouisterizing is my way of prepping for the next day ahead.

Golden door $48 Soothing Cleansing Foam- a super light face wash, you really only need one pump to get the job done. Afterward you feel squeaky clean with any lasting “film” or tightness!

Nature Republic Rose Ampoule for a whooping $16.90!! I really feel that this is one of the most under rated ampoule ever. It feels like a luxury serum, and gives skin a plump, deeply moisturizing feel.

L’Occitane Peony Shower Gel $20- the scent stays on your skin all day long and feels super decadent. I like that it really smells of rose, and a little powdery. It’s such a beautiful way to bathe. It’s an amazing product to wear if you’re like me and you feel like

While I might not be a totally poreless person yet (and I probably won’t ever be) I feel great about the fact that I’m making steps towards the overall wellness of my skin. Do you have a fav skincare brand? Tell me in the comments!


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June 17, 2018


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