How to Make Cheap Clothing Look Expensive

Working in fashion as a stylist, I’m sure of two things: fashion is incredible and there is an incredible amount of talent out in the world, and two, that fashion can sometimes feel completely unattainable because of the high prices. While I’ve never been one to turn away from a trip to Saks, I prefer to shop on the cheaper end of the spectrum. I’m more of champagne on a prosecco budget type of girl. There’s no need to spend a ton in order to look like a million. Here are 5 key tips to help you look like you say “put it on my black card please.”

Wear great underwear- We hear time and time again that great underwear is important but it really does lay the foundation for a flawless looking outfit. Go with a bottom that doesn’t bulge, tug, or leave worse—leave panty lines. Consider this the beginning of every great look. 

Take time to polish- Those annoying little threads that float on top of fabric? Snip them! That wrinkle that doesn’t seem that noticeable? Steam it! These little details take away from an outfit and can automatically make you feel more put together when done. A handheld travel steamer is an easy way to get ready in a jiffy, and doesn’t cost a bundle either. My personal favorite hand held steamer is under $100. Rowenta Xcel Steam Compact Garment Steamer, $33

Fake the fit- If there’s one thing about expensive clothing that always rings true, it’s that it always fits like a glove. If you can, tailor your clothing into looking like the perfect fit. If you can’t tailor things, (or simply don’t want to spend the extra money to do so) the next best thing you can do is fake it! Always go with your closest sizing option possible, but if you have a little additional fabric, a great belt, and a proper tucking in will make it seem like you just paid a visit to a seamstress. The best way to get a shirt tucked in is to pull the very bottom of the shirt into the skirt or pant.

Choose classics- It can be tricky to pick gems when shopping on the cheap. Pick classics in solid colors over trends. Avoid any heavy embellishments, they don’t usually wash or wear well more than a few times. Looking at the inside label is also a sure way to know if something is good quality. Look for blends of high quality natural fibers like cotton, silk, and linen! These items are the ones that will not only look the best, but also not break down after one wear. 

Accessorize with luxe materials and fabrics- The right accessories can make a world of difference when trying to make your look appear more elevated. Tying a satin or silk scarf on your handbag or blouse, instantly make you look more expensive. Consider details like gold and silver tone hardware: simple earrings and bracelets instantly add elegance to just about anything. Handbags with gold hardware are also a telltale sign that something looks more expensive. 

Looking expensive doesn’t actually have to be expensive! With a keen eye for details, and a couple of finishing touches everyday can look and feel like you just left Bergdorf Goodman. 

Outfit Details:
Shirt: V Neck Shirt, $20

Skirt: Corduroy Mini Skirt, $18

Bag: Black Mini Raffia Bag, $50

Earrings: Freda Hoops, $88
Scarf: Pink Scarf, $50

April 8, 2020


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