Maybe it’s time to rethink ‘ugly’ fashion

There comes a time in every woman’s life where she reflects back with small amounts of disgust at her wardrobe. Years ago everyone tossed out their scrunchies in unison, and when I was in high school nobody would be caught dead wearing a scrunchie. Yet, a few days ago when I visited Urban Outfitters on 5th ave, there was practically a swarm around the scrunchie display. Without even realizing it, I was right there with the other girls, practially shoving my way into getting my hands on a scrunchie with marabou trim. With the huge resurgence of fanny packs in fashion, dad sneakers, and, yes even scrunchies-a lot of people have been wondering “is this actually cute”. And the answer, is YES. It’s all about how you wear it.

Belle circa 2013. Remember your Tumblr days? Yeah, me too..

I asked a group of my close girls if they ever had fanny packs growing up, and when they decided they didn’t want to wear them anymore. A few friends of mine confessed that they never really hated fanny packs, and have always secretly loved them. This got me wondering how many other people were longing to wear their “ugly” fashion? I, myself have been guilty of hiding a favorite “ugly” piece away because of ridicule. In my closet hanging in the back, I have what can only be described as a “grandma holiday sweater”. It’s a black beaded cardigan featuring huge colorful fruits. I’ve always loved it, I picked it up at a Goodwill when I was fifteen, and I hid it for YEARS. Because everyone told me it was hideous (and it very well could be) but I just couldn’t part with it. It was classic “ugly fashion”. I realized how silly having a sweater I loved hide out in the closet was, so I wore it to fashion week last year and it was a huge hit. Not because it’s the world’s best sweater, but because I LOVE it.

September 2017 & the proud return of fruit girl

Yet, so much of the time bad fashion has…well, a bad rep! Don’t let trends, or someone’s jab inmpact your love for your favorite unique piece.

“Ugly” fashion is neither here nor there in my opinion. Because, truthfully, style is all about what makes you, YOU. And if that includes socks with sandals, six textures on a dress, or a weird fruit sweater, then who am I to argue it? At the end of the day, it’s your opinion, and happiness that should come first. Be it your outfit for the evening or the clothing you choose to buy. Feel comfortable to just wear it. The very best thing about fashion is if you don’t like it, you can always just change your outfit. As for me, that fruit sweater is going to stay in the closet forever.


Photo Credit: Alice & Olivia

June 22, 2018


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