Collagen is a word I learned just last year.

In short, collagen is a naturally occurring protein found in bone marrow and happens to be a beauty booster. There are many benefits to it, and great skin is just the tip of the iceberg. Benefits include: improved joint health, improved sugar regulation in the body, increased bone density, and it may even improve your digestive health. There are also ways you can increase your body’s production of collagen.

However, there has been some skepticism with so many collagen-esque products on the rise. Many experts weighing in say to steer clear of any of the ultra fancy collagen concoctions that claim to also be “probiotic”.

So then maybe you’re wondering why I’ve delved so deep into medical terminology with collagen… While sitting down at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants this past week, (it’s Nha Trang One if you’re in NYC) and enjoying a bowl of delicious beef pho, something clicked when my husband Bren told me it’s made from bone broth. I was then filled with tremendous amounts of joy.

I immediately googled the words “does pho contain collagen” and the very first result proved my initial thoughts to be true. YES, pho is actually FULL of collagen. I wasn’t sure if pho was made of beef broth or bones, but it is actually made with beef bones!

Bone broth has been all the rage for a few years, (hi, I’m late to the party) due to the large amounts of collagen found in animal bones. Many claim to have had life altering visible improvements to their skin, hair, and overall beauty. And so, one of my favorite foods also happens to be making me prettier! Literally.

While one bowl of soup won’t give me picture perfect skin or health, it is a mindful and fun way to incorporate a little beauty boost. So go ahead and order take out, but make it a large pho… 😉

January 3, 2019


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