The Surprising Item That Makes Your Wardrobe Look New Again

One of the things that makes an item in your closet “well loved,” is how sneakers have not been a quiet trend in past years. Of course, with wear and tear of our shoes, (especially those Stan Smith x Adidas) they get beat up.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are theĀ most magnificent thing I’ve ever used to get shoes clean. And even get those pesky little stickers off the bottom of heels. All you need to do is get the little sponge wet, and wipe wipe wipe. Try it for your favorite white sneakers, or even patent boots. If it’s a treasured shoe, I always recommend testing a little patch before going to town on the whole thing.

Another amazing way of using magic erasers is on trim of pants. If you have a pair of jeans that have seen better days, magic erasers help to wipe away the grime that may have accumulated. You will have to rinse away the dirt several times, but this trick works quickly on denim in a pinch. As always, test a spot out before going at it on anything beloved!

This is in no way shape or form a sponsored post, just a tip I wanted to pass along!

December 10, 2017


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