This is Exactly What a Fashion Stylist Puts in Her Luggage

As a fashion stylist I always bring along with me some essential tools of the trade. When I first started assisting other stylists I had no idea what a pro would use to make their clients look amazing. Now, after five consecutive years of helping others look and feel their best, I can tell you exactly what I put in my Andiamo luggage.

A Sewing Kit 

I think every single person on earth should have one of these, they make tiny little holes disappear, and can stitch things together in a snap. Most basic sewing kits contain a few needles, black and white thread. I like to bring extra needles, and primary colors too.

Fabric Scissors 

A good pair of fabric scissors can come in handy in the strangest of situations. Once I removed an entire bow from the front of a dress, and thankfully I had a good pair of shears with me, it made quick work of that oversized bow!

A Measuring Tape

A measuring tape can also come in handy in case you need to check length and make proper adjustments. Most commonly for pants!

A Tide to-go Pen

Probably one of my favorite things you can buy anywhere is a Tide to-g0 pen, I use them on everything from white shirt stains, and even shoes!!

Lint Roller

Get rid of those tiny little fuzzies!

Safety Pins

Such an important piece to bring along, pieces looks together and makes clothing appear effortless.

Random extras: Include but are not limited to: Advil, bra inserts, gum, hand sanitizer, bandaids, a mini hair iron, wrinkle release spray, rubber bands, hair ties, and hair bands!

I love how compact and easy to roll my Andiamo luggage is, I know I’m going to love touting it for work! Want your own? Shop here!


This post was sponsored by Andiamo Luggage. However, all opinions and posted content is my own.

March 25, 2018


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