This is what it’s really like to attend NYFW

New York Fashion Week.  When you hear those words, you might think of Carrie Bradshaw, or maybe a girl running up and down Lincoln Center wearing a brand spanking new pair of high heels. Maybe you think of a flock of well dressed women crammed together in cars. All of which are appropriate stereotypes. And these are all things I used to think of before I attended my first show five years ago. But what is really like to attend NYFW? You might be surprised.

Whether you’re a blogger, editor, influencer, or stylist, there’s one thing for sure about NYFW. There’s a type of electricity in the air that can be felt all over Manhattan. But as a fashion girl, you wake up feeling it. Everyone is decked out in their favorite pieces, their best hair and makeup, and are ready to enjoy a full week of fashion shows, after parties, and fill their photo storage to the brim. You’ll be asked all day about what you’re wearing, so you wear pieces you love and know will help get a conversation started.

First thing you start your morning fairly early as there can be shows as early as 9am. You apply more than your usual amount of makeup. You have to be photo ready! Even if you’re not a blogger or influencer, you’ll definitely run into friends and take selfies. I highly suggest a setting spray!

If you didn’t spend a week over analyzing what you will wear (as I do) then you spend any extra time before your first show running around your apartment trying to feel perfect in your look. If you’re like me, you’ll ask everyone’s opinion on the way out, your husband, your doorman…maybe even your dog. Regardless of what the forecast is, because of all the excitement and running from show to show, you might feel…a little sweaty to be honest.

You’ve sent out all your ticket requests, and organized all your seat confirmations in your email inbox. When you go to fashion week you scan a little QR code to be ticketed into the show and you’re ushered into lines where ushers check your tickets.

Once you’re seated a few minutes pass and the music starts, and the lights dim quickly in an all white room. You become totally and completely enamoured by the music, and clothing comes to life. You snap boomerangs and photos of your favorite looks.

As soon as a fashion show ends, usually the designer runs out onto the stage to take a bow and ducks behind the curtain. And instantly the lights come on and everyone- as if in a trace- stands up immediately to go to the next show. Everyone moves with the masses and begins calling ubers, hopping into cabs, and trekking to the subway together.

It’s magical, exhausting, and my favorite time of year. I’ve made so many friends, networked with amazing people and brands, and even had job opportunities present themselves. It can be easy to feel nervous and/or overwhelmed but whatever anxieties might arise, push aside, put your best face (of fresh eyeshadow) forward, and you breathe in the moment. You’re at fashion week, and you belong here.

September 5, 2018


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